Poultry Rearing

In Jharkhand nearly all rural and peri-urban families keep a small flock of poultry. These are mostly owned by women and managed by women and children. Profits are usually low and products are used for home consumption, as gifts and for religious purposes. Presently in many village poultry is left with little or no care. The birds find their feed by scavenging among the houses in the village, and in addition they might get leftovers from the harvest and from the kitchen. Young chicks are left for scavenging together with adult birds, having to compete for feeds and becoming an easy victim for predators and spread of diseases.
Very often birds do not get enough water, or they get dirty water, which may transfer diseases. Birds are seldom put in an enclosure or a shelter to protect them from wind and rain, or to keep them safe from predators and thieves. Nests for hens are rarely provided, causing the birds to lay their eggs on the ground. Birds are seldom vaccinated or given medicine against diseases or parasites.
Consequently, many birds die very young, due to predators, diseases, starvation, adverse weather conditions, and accidents. Often eight out of ten chicks die within the first few months. Many birds may get ill and grow slowly, producing fewer eggs and less meat.
In this backdrop, rural poultry needs urgent attention and approach to revive the system for the benefits of farmers. Under the project strategies are dervived to focus on more income through rural poultry.

a. Increase the coverage area of vaccination against Ranikhet/ New Castle Disease and Fowl Pox.

b. Follow deworming calender against internal parasites.

c. Increase awareness about economic benefits thorugh rearing of rural poultry.

d. Capacitate farmers about the benfits of providing supplementary feed and safe potable water.

e. Increase adaptation of improved housing facility includes nest &purches.

f. Increase availability of input materials through establishment of Integrated Livestock Development Center at block level.

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